Our Games

Even though we spent most of our time together developing Dwellink: War of the Nine, we worked on several other games as well. Most of those games were developed within 3 days on a so called Game Jam so don´t expect too much from them.

One Studio - A lot of different games

We worked on a lot of games, together and seperately before forming HighPassionStudios. We´ve worked on mobile games, PC games, AR games, pixel games, low-poly games, abstract games, cartoony games and, of course, photorealistic games.

Mobile Games


Our mobile games are all free-to-play! Pets: Homerolling is game specifically made for kids with tons of gameplay and things to unlock. Demon Trip on the other hand is a fast paced flappybird-like sidescroller that only true gamers can master.

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PC Games

Our main speciality is developing PC titles. We worked on countless PC games as individuals and we have also worked on some games together. Most of the games are small titles that were developed within 3 days for the purpose of a Game Jam.

Visit our page to download and play our games for PC!