We are High Passion Studios

And we are developing the turn-based creature collection RPG Dwellink: War of the Nine in Unreal Engine 5.

CEO Jannik Fraunholz, Munic Media Days 2022

"We always strive to deliver the best modern audio-visual experience, surpassing what´s generally considered "indie". With the help of Unreal 5 and our highly skilled and experienced team we achieve a very high audio-visual standard for our videogames and our other software applications, despite being a small team."

Dwellink: War of the Nine

The long awaited creature collection adventure in an enchanted photorealistic fantasy world!

Dwellink replaces little electric rodents and cute-looking caterpillars with fire-breathing demons and blood-thirsty monsters. Healing in Dwellink is done via a souls-like checkpoint system, which intensifies the games difficulty.



Our team of industry experts

The HighPassionStudios team formed over the last 4 years under the leadership of CEO Jannik.

Jannik Fraunholz

CEO and founder of HighPassionStudios, Sound Designer, Game Designer, Game Lecturer… A lot to take in! Jannik manages the company and is in charge of designing the fun gaming elements in HighPassionStudios games. He is also a renowned music producer who has working with countless professionals in the industry under the pseudonym „The Pulpy Principle“.

Andrej Kunkel

Andrej is our Prop Designer, sculpting and moddeling all kinds of objects in our games. Whether candles, mugs, plates, food, tools, chairs, benches, urns or gems – He is the one making sure our game world looks interesting and has many details. Andrej has been with the company since the very beginning with the Bernhardt & Fraunholz Mediendesign GbR.

Markus Dennstedt

Markus is the head of programming and in charge of implementing all the mechanics the design teams comes up with. With a Bachelor Degree in Media Science and Applied Informatics, Markus fittingly carries the title of the code wizard here at HighPassionStudios.

Patrick Lebelt

Patrick our man when it comes to creating high quality 3D characters. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, Patrick excels in bringing characters to life with his mastery of photorealistic asset creation. His expertise adds depth and realism to our games, making them truly immersive experiences for our players.

Rico Scharnagl

Rico is a generalist and the VFX artist in our team. In the last years he focused on different areas of the digital, as well as „analog“ world and gained a wide range of experience. His field of activity was mainly in network and communication technology.  He is always enthusiastic about new topics and finds it easy to plan and improvise complex tasks even in unfamiliar terrain.

Joeseph Romhanyi

Joe is a professionally trained sound engineer with a degree in Audio Engineering from Fanshawe College in Canada with over ten years of experience in the disciplines of sound design, music production, mixing, mastering and of course Foley recordings.  As a team player with a non-European view on things, Joe is a great asset to the team and helps us to present Hollywood-ready sound effects in their games.

Kevin Ryborz

Kevin brings his exceptional programming skills to HighPassionStudios. With a track record of developing award-winning games recognized by German gaming awards, Kevin is a key player on our development team. His dedication to crafting immersive gaming experiences and his proficiency in coding breathe life into our projects. Kevin’s contributions ensure that our games offer seamless mechanics and captivating gameplay, enriching the gaming world for our players.

Julien Geiger

Julien is an integral part of HighPassionStudios, forming a dynamic game development duo alongside Kevin Ryborz. Together, they have a remarkable track record of creating award-winning games that have left their mark on the gaming industry. Julien’s coding prowess and collaborative spirit perfectly complement Kevin’s skills, resulting in the seamless mechanics and immersive gameplay that define our titles.

Tudor Lucian

Tudor, the brilliant mind behind the mesmerizing 2D art and captivating concept designs that breathe life into our game worlds. With a brush in hand and an imagination unfettered, Tudor brings forth a realm of fantastical wonders, conjuring up majestic landscapes, enchanting characters, and, most notably, our beloved Dwellers.

Federico Puentes

Federico is a DJ and music producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Signed with multiple lables and working with various artists around the world, Federico proved his deep understanding of music production in the last 20 years. Federico supports us as a sound designer and advisor for all things sound related.

Anna-Rosa Braun

With a passion for diving into the depths of fantasy worlds, Anna-Rosa’s creative spirit is fueled by her love for playing video games and exploring fantastical realms through the pages of books. As our narrative designer, she weaves intricate tales that immerse players into unforgettable adventures, making them an integral part of the gaming experience.

About the company

Founded in 2022, HighPassionStudios emerged from the Bernhardt & Fraunholz Mediendesign GbR under the same CEO Jannik Fraunholz. At this time we focused on developing mobile games such as Pets: Homerolling (Android, 2022) as well as mobile applications in the B2B area. Since the rebranding we are more focused on PC-titles, such as Dwellink.
With multiple appearences at events like the Munic Media Days, the Gamesfestival or the Gamescom, HighPassionStudios and Dwellink: War of the Nine are well known in the German indie scene.
We are still looking for funding partners for Dwellink: War of the Nine and we are more than happy to share our business plan, financial planning and other relevant documents. Are you an interested publisher/investor/business angel/VC? Get in contact:

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