Professional sound design, SFX design and pieces of music as well as themes for video games, films, radio plays and other formats

Reference songs can be listened to under the Soundcloud profile of our sound designer Jannik Fraunholz “The Pulpy Principle”. Pieces of music can be produced for your purpose on request.

Due to our professional technical equipment, we can also create sound effects (so-called SFX special effects) for your project. The highest technical recording quality and years of experience mean that we can deliver realistic sound effects for shots, movements or other actions for your work, as well as non-realistic sound effects such as jumping, running, picking, harvesting, watering etc. for e.g. video games.

Of course it is hard to show the SFX, because you will only ever hear a SFX-Sound in connection with its associated atmosphere, mood and especially the associated action/movement. Since it wouldn´t make any sense to include a bunch of 1-second long SFX-Sounds, you can send us an E-Mail with your request, if you want a deeper insight on our work as SFX-Desingers. If you for instance want to produce a Sci-Fi TV-Show, we can then send you some of our works in this field (with the associated SFX-Sounds embedded of course) so that you get a better picture of our work.

To get a quick and comprehensive overview, we included a few of our muical compositions in the next section:

If you want to hear more of The Pulpy Principles compositions, browse through the playlist below.

The Pulpy Principle can also produce radio-like songs, complete with lyrics, intro and outro for your next movie or game. For instance, the japanese City-Pop song “Saikoo no Tomodachi” was all written and produced by the Pulpy Principle, who got together with professional voice actress Yuuko, who did the singing.


We develop your personal dream game or your business game to increase your brand awareness. To see and play some of our games yourself, go check out Our Games.


Regardless if Ad-Systems, Gamingapp, a digital cookbook, or an app for your own business, we develop your app professional and save. A initial consultation is natural free as well.

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Our programming specialist can also handle everything associated with webdesign for your personal side project or for your company. We created for instance the vegan information website for the company Medienwerk UG.
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You have an idea for a project you want to develop?

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