Hey! I´m Jannik, also known as The Pulpy Principle and I produce songs in all kinds of genres, from 80s J-Pop to EDM/Dubstep/Techno that could play in todays clubs. I can´t sing though and that is why I´m working together with talented singers from around the globe. I´m also the sound designer of the HighPassionStudios of course, where I produce soundtracks, soundscapes, titelthemes and backgroundmelodies for our videogames. Combined the tracks have been able to accumulate more than 100.000 views accross multiple platforms all around the world. Some songs even made it into the radio and podcasts like Japan Top 10, Radio Galaxy or Man Seeking Tomohawks. You can listen to my music everywhere, where music is found.

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Genre: Electronic, EDM

℗ 2022 The Pulpy Principle

Additional Credits:  Cover-Art – Alexigeorge, Mix – Jiggy

Diffidence (feat. Locomotivez)

Genre: Alt-Rock, Metal

℗ 2022 The Pulpy Principle

Additional Credits: Vocals – Locomotivez, Cover-Art – Harmala, Mix – Jiggy

Far Away (feat. Eric Castiglia)

Genre: Pop-Rock

℗ 2021 The Pulpy Principle

Additional Credits: Vocals – Eric Castiglia

Saikoo No Tomodachi「最高の友達」(feat. Yuuko)

Genre: City Pop, J-Pop

℗ 2021 The Pulpy Principle

Additional Credits: Vocals – Yuuko, Cover-Art – Peachypauli

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